Monday, February 7, 2011

Supernatural Circulatory System

The blood flowing inside of our body right now does amazing things for us every moment of every day.  As our blood circulates throughout our body, it brings nutrients, oxygen, vitamins, and antibodies called killer T-Cells that aggressively attack foreign agents, destroying them.  In addition, our blood absorbs toxins and waste, taking them to our lungs where they are released out through our exhaling breath into the air. All of this is done without any effort or concentration on our part. We just breathe and go about life while this blood flows through the 60,000 MILES of blood vessels within us, cleansing every single cell and protecting us. 
            This same incredible circulatory system that you and I have was functioning inside the physical body of Jesus when He lived on the earth.  Inside the Savior of the world, the same T-cells, red blood cells and cleansing agents swept through his closed system keeping him alive and healthy, circulated by a strong and compassionate heart. 
Then, under great duress, injustice began raining down upon Him.  His body began to be beaten, torn, bruised and pierced on our behalf.  The closed system was breached and leaking out of His body came trickles of flowing life-force.  For hours, His heart kept pumping and His red river flowed.  It poured out of the gaping wounds on His back and out of the thorn pricks around His head.  It flowed from his plucked out beard and it flowed from the huge nails in his hands and legs, running over His toes, down the tree and onto the ground. 
            As this perfect blood flowed, something supernatural began to take place.  The breach of one system, became the river of life for another, new system. Suddenly, that which was leaking out of a physical body began flowing into a brand new creature.  An invisible new body formed  – a spiritual body called “the Body of Christ,” made up of millions of people from every tribe and tongue and nation, reaching back in time to add in all of the saints of old.  The robust circulatory system of the Savior instantly became the sin cleansing, waste removing, disease killing circulatory system for everyone who would ever believe in Him and join themselves to Him (I cor 6:17), becoming one with Him and part of His body.
            The blood of Jesus isn’t just a historical substance that dripped at Golgotha. It is currently today, the wet, ever flowing, supernatural circulatory system of the entire body of Christ around the world. It continues to flow day and night, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year inside of us.  It continually heals us, washes away our sins and any sin we will ever commit in the future. 
            Combined with the Holy Spirit (Breath) of God, this blood and Spirit do remarkable things as we simply breath In Him, live In Him, Abide In Him, and enjoy Him. 

1 Cor 12:27
“Now you are Christ's body, and individually members of it.”

-Matt Peterson