Monday, November 12, 2012

The Small Things

From the vacuum of nothingness, God started everything.  Small words like “let” turned into enormous substance, thousands of times larger than the earth, shining on us now as trillions of weighty stars scattered throughout space...

With small handfuls of dirt, God created a fully functioning and complex human being, replete with a beating heart, intricate eyes and brain.  Later, God reached into skin and pulled out a rib, and from that small bone He stretched it into a beautiful woman.

With a small teenage boy holding a handful of rocks, God used him to slay the largest of giants on the battlefield, winning the war for an entire army.

God then planted the microscopic seed of His own Son into the womb of a young teenage girl and grew the Savior of the world. This Jesus, acted like His Father and was very proficient with the small things also...

He took a couple of loaves of bread and five small fish, turning them into a banquet for upwards of 15,000 people (not just 5,000 men).  When His disciples tried to chase away children, He set one small child in the midst of all the adults, saying we can only enter the kingdom if we become small ourselves.  Using the invisible substance of faith, Jesus cast out demons, raised the dead, saying that if we had faith the size of a small mustard seed, large mountains would be displaced. 

Culminating His work of doing extraordinary large things with a few disciples, He then took just over a gallon of His own blood and painted over the sin of all of mankind, redeeming billions of people all the way back to Adam and into the future for all who would be born. 

From words and dirt, and from a rib bone to drops of His own precious blood, God has done it all. In fact, it is evident that God is in the habit of turning nothing into something and small into magnificent.  He likes doing it that way. And after He grew you and I from the cells within our own mother’s womb, and invited us into His large family, He then commissioned us to behave as He does.

He has given to us enough faith to change our personal circumstances and even the world.  He has given us enough light to shine brightly in any darkness.  He has given us enough money to be multiplied to even lend to nations, and He has given us enough love for us to share lavishly with everyone we meet.  As sons and daughters created in His image, we are not to crave the large stage or massive event. Instead, we were born to scatter a thousand small things like love, light, dollars, encouragement and healing as seeds into the soil of world, watching God water and multiply all that we give away, bringing His kingdom through the small.  

- Matt Peterson

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